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Christian Wins at Cannes


Christian Bevilacqua took first prize in the Best Young Director showcase for his Mastercard spot, Studious Pupil.

To climb inside the mind of 27 year old Christian Bevilacqua, is to get lost in a sticky, psychedelic maze of mad images and fanciful stories. It’s like diving into a sort of lucky dip where just about anything could be fished out. It could be something funny, it could something poignant, what’s guaranteed is that, visually, it will be traffic-stopping.

Bevilacqua describes his work as being “very much hybrid” – mixing live action and animation. He loves mashing things up and experimenting with imagery. “My images are generally quite constructed because of the various layers of imagery and design processes I put them through. That makes my work different from a lot of other animators by default.”

Christian signs with Spy Films for exclusive Canadian representation.

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