We’ve all been there. Searching for a job in order to finally leave the current one you hate. The biggest problem is finding a reason to miss work to get to an interview for a better position elsewhere. Enter: Grandma. Everyone knows you don’t question someone who uses the “family emergency” line, it’s just bad etiquette. The only downfall to this ingenious excuse is that Grandma can only die so many times.

Spy Films director Martin Hodara has partnered with Draftfcb Argentina to explore this exact concept through the promotion of Argentinean job search website Zonajobs, which spans throughout Chile, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Colombia. Ending with the tagline “Let Grandma rest in peace, find a job you want to go to” it becomes pretty clear that Grandma won’t be happy until you are. Find a job and let the poor woman die for good!
Fact: The actress is indeed 90 years old, but still had to be told to act like an old woman. Apparently, she was overly spry.

Upon reflection of the spot, Hodara says “I think the agency was inspired by the universal feeling that people have when they have a job they don’t like, and invent excuses to miss work. It is incredible how people around the world, based on comments on YouTube, identify with this message.”

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